Little Tough Guy
Shhhh! I'm Hiding!
Great Blue Heron Dives for a Snack
I Like It Long on Top with Tight Sides
Little Fluffball
Soaring in the Clouds
Mom! Here I Am! Hey! I'm Dyin' Here.
This is My Best Side
Shrimp Dinner
I'm So Pretty!
Spoonbill in Flight
Great Blue Heron Stare Down
The Green Anole and the Dragonfly
Little Blue Heron
Hint--Not a Bird
Sandpiper Trio
Beach Patrol
Wait Up, Everybody!
Mr.  Willet on his PM stroll
Two Great White Herons
Snowy Egret
Red Tailed Hawk (and a thief!)
Whistling Ducks
Glossy Ibis
Male Great Egret
Roseate Spoonbills
Great White Egret Takes Flight
Osprey Chicks
Silent Assassin
Spoonbill Couple
Sandpiper with an Itch
Spoonbill in a Blue Sky
Little Chicklet
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